It’s pretty easy to understand why many people refuse to talk about religion and politics. The Church has been divided for centuries with every denomination (and congregation) pushing its own definition (in both word and deed) of what it means to be Christian. Now we have a horde of Republican candidates campaigning for the Presidency with each giving his/her own take on what it means to be conservative.

We humans sure have a way of complicating simple matters.



3 thoughts on “RELIGION & POLITICS

  1. There is far less diversity among the theology of most denominations than your statement would imply. Beyond that, most people among most denominations would more than gladly acknowledge that most others from most denominations are also Christian. Camaraderie crossing denominational lines is far, far more common than divisiveness.


    1. The theology may not be very diverse, but then why are there so many different denominations – some estimate over 30,000 worldwide? Could it be that Christians like to “make mountains out of mole hills?” How else can one city intersection have different churches on three out of the four corners?


      1. That still leaves one corner for potential growth. 😉 It has little to do with mountains and molehills. Often it has more to do with theopraxy than theology. Sometimes it is a result of geographical or cultural differences. having a multiplicity of denominations is not a bad thing. Someone might prefer the church down (or across) the street to mine. For whatever reason, it might simply be a better fit. I would rather they are happy going there than be unhappy attending mine or simply not go at all.


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