Who has been, or currently is missing from your life? Are you lacking in regards to having any father or mother involvement, without close friendships, wishing you had some help and counsel to navigate your way through the obstacles in your way? Look no further.

The belief in a Triune GOD, the Holy Trinity, which means there is One GOD who exists in three distinct persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is somewhat difficult to take hold of. Still, it is essential in understanding Christianity and experiencing the life of faith it establishes. And when lived through the closeness and confidence of this relationship, the Trinity makes all the sense in the world. For within the relationship of the Trinity is everything we need to thrive in life – even when our other human relationships may be inadequate, unpleasant, and/or absent.

For GOD our Father gives us His approval and affirmation;

GOD the Son, Jesus, our Savior and Friend gives us His assurance and acceptance;

And GOD the Holy Spirit, our Helper and Counselor gives us His assistance and advice.

Thus, the Trinity provides us with everything we need in order to feel significant, to be satisfied, and to become successful in life. All we need to do is turn to Him and trust Him to give us these things when we need them the most. GOD gives us His all which is more than plenty enough!


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