RETURN! (Applying Hosea 14 to our lives today)

Return, O United States of America. All you leaders. All you people – all men, all women, all children. Return to the LORD GOD Almighty! Prepare your confessions and come back to GOD. Say to Him, “Forgive us for all our sins and graciously receive us again, so that we may offer You the sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise. For our military might cannot save us.  Our wealth and wile cannot save us. Our education and ingenuity cannot save us. Our prideful independence cannot save us. None of these idols that we have created can save us. No, only the shed blood of Jesus – His death and resurrection can save us!

In You alone, LORD GOD, do we find grace and mercy and love. Will You help us LORD? Will You heal us LORD? Will You give us hope again LORD?

We have made idols of money, beauty, sex, and success. We idolize athletes, actors and actresses, performers and politicians, raunchy and racy rebels. We have become faithless towards You. O LORD, forgive us! Correct our waywardness! We fight over bridges to nowhere, Confederate flags, and fracking. We have the audacity to debate such issues as abortion, marriage, euthanasia.

O LORD GOD! O LORD GOD! Refresh us, reform us, renew us. Shower us with Your dew from heaven. Make us bloom like the lilies in spring. Give us deep roots like the wild fig trees that we may grow deep in You. Give us wisdom, O LORD. Help us to understand Your Word and Your ways. Give us ears to listen carefully and minds to discern these things. Teach us how to walk Your paths taking routes that are good and true and right.

O LORD, we have stumbled, mumbled, and tumbled far too long.

Return to the LORD, O United States of America! Accept GOD’s love! Receive GOD’s forgiveness! Believe in GOD’s Son, the LORD Jesus Christ, your Savior!


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