We sure spend a lot of time talking about the weather. It seems that half of each local newscast is filled with weather-related content. Do you ever wonder if the events we see occurring in the weather patterns these days may have a direct correlation with the spiritual condition of our nation? We learn in the Bible, especially during the Old Testament eras, that the people believed this was the case.

Think about what we have witnessed recently – so many weather records:

  • record snowfall in the East this past winter
  • record draught in the West currently taking place
  • record rainfall in the Southwest last month
  • record cold temperatures in the Midwest last February

Add to these the devastating snowstorms, hailstorms, thunderstorms, tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes that have hit various regions around our nation over the past few years. There have also been many fires, floods, avalanches, and even earthquakes.

We are seeing many extremes in the weather – extreme storming, extreme temperatures, and extreme precipitation (and lack of it).

Most of our citizens will likely disagree with this, but as our nation is becoming ever more hostile and even indifferent toward GOD, our weather patterns seem to be less predictable and more volatile. Is this coincidental or providential? Our United States continues to play foolish games with the most obvious and basic principles of our humanity; believing we should “govern” over matters of gender, marriage, and family, and allow any and every preference, perversion, and preoccupation to become a legally protected practice.

Now, I am no prophet, nor even the son of a prophet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the weather changes we are seeing are just the beginning, and we will likely find ourselves in more and more turmoil and facing increased conflicts both within and outside our borders.

Perhaps we should take notice? Perhaps we should consider our ways?

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