It is astonishing the amount of dedication, discipline, and determination that we display toward our electronic devises – our phones, tablets, computers, IPods, watches, gaming systems…                                                                                                  Just imagine what might happen if we would place this same amount of time, attention, and tenacity into our marriages, families, and other important relationships? What if we actually looked at other people with such focused interest and persistence? What if we studied and listened attentively to those people who are presently around us – whether they be our spouse, our children, our friend, our neighbor, our co-worker, or the people next to us in line, or on the elevator, train, bus, boat, or airplane?

I’m amazed at how little we actually interact and communicate with the people we are with right now. You know, good old person to person, face to face, eyeball to eyeball contact. It’s vanishing, and nobody seems to notice or care.

It’s odd. It’s scary. It’s sad.


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